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Dan's Curated Car Detailing Starter Kit

I get asked a lot about car detailing. I ran an online retail store selling car detailing supplies for almost 10 years and detailed high-end cars on the side (mostly to stay on top of idustry trends, products and techniques) for almost 15 years. People that know me trust my knowledge in this area. So this post will be my (hopefully) up-to-date recommendations on the latest and greatest car detailing products. If you have any questions, post them in the comments of this post or reach out to me directly. I'll do my best to answer and help where I can. Let's start with washing and decontamination: Next is the most technical (and expensive), polishing: Last category will be finishing and protection: Misc Other Tools

Does God Send Evil Spirits?

This question was sent in from a reader that I will address:

Ok as i pick up in 1 Samuel 16:14-15. The Word says that an evil spirit from the Lord troubled Saul. I wasnt aware that the Lord had evil spirits that trouble people.
Any thoughts?

God has no evil in Him, but remember, He is on the throne of the universe!  He still controls all things.  Just like earthquakes, hurricanes and may other natural disasters.   God is in control of it all.  When God “sent” plagues to Egypt was He being “evil”?  No!  Of course not.  We all know that Egypt’s sin and ultimately Pharaoh’s disobedience brought the plagues on Egypt.  God gave him many chances to obey.  The case is the same with King Saul.  His disobedience brought God’s judgment on him.  Don’t get caught up in the wording… receive the message.

A big area that many Christians (as well as almost all atheists) get trapped in is the paradigm that God and Satan are opposites.  Good and Evil are opposites, etc.  That is the biggest lie from hell manufactured to date!

God has no opposite!  Here is the proof; what is the opposite of light? Most say dark, but they are wrong.  Dark is not the opposite of light… it is the absence of light.  Hot is not the opposite of cold.  Cold is the absence of heat.

Evil is not the opposite of good… it is the absence  of good.

When man doesn’t allow God’s law and grace (depending on what dispensation he/she is living in) operate in their lives, you are blocking God from your life and hence His favor, provision, grace, etc.  That is man’s decision.  God set the laws of the universe in place long before any man breathed life on earth.  The consequences of our decisions for sin are just as real in this life as the consequences for stepping off of a bridge.  God’s laws will produce a consequence.


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