Bluetooth Active Noise Canceling Headphones

I've recently had a chance to test out the new Cowin E8 active noise canceling Bluetooth headphones on a couple business trips. I can confidently recommend these headphones  They perform great at reducing noise on a plane and have great sound quality  For my head/ears they were fairly comfortable even though they are on the heavy side (something to consider if you don't like heavy headphones).

Check them out on Amazon as they usually have them discounted.

What if everybody's salary was public information?

I've been thinking a lot about transparency lately. I suppose in general I feel like the more transparency in life that we have in place, the better off things would be. Obviously, this is not the case in every area of our lives but I do feel in general transparency is a much needed change agent in our culture. Just think with me about the impact this would have in our society. Transparency in our relationships. Transparency in our governments. Transparency in corporations. The one area that I am most curious about your feedback is the following: how do you think it would affect society in general if everyone's salary was public information?

Growth Killers: Complacency

"Don't Judge Me!"

One of the most common phrases I hear in a certain segment of the Church is, "Don't judge me!".  This has always rubbed me wrong.  Especially since this phrase typically came out of the mouths of people who were on that slippery slope of drifting from God.  It's really unfortunate that our society has lied to the Church body to believe that no one (even Church leaders and ministry) has the right to judge you.  I suppose that is why it always bothered me.

Growing up as a teenager, I spent a lot of my Bible readying/studying time in Paul's epistles.  It didn't take me long to realize that God's plan for the Church and Church leadership was to "watch over our souls" and to guard us on our spiritual journey.  When I had a leader point out error (dare I say sin) in my life, deep down inside I knew that it was the Church functioning as God intended it to.  Maybe not immediately, but once I got past my flesh I understood this to be true.

I never real…

Does God Send Evil Spirits?

This question was sent in from a reader that I will address:

Ok as i pick up in 1 Samuel 16:14-15. The Word says that an evil spirit from the Lord troubled Saul. I wasnt aware that the Lord had evil spirits that trouble people.
Any thoughts?
God has no evil in Him, but remember, He is on the throne of the universe!  He still controls all things.  Just like earthquakes, hurricanes and may other natural disasters.   God is in control of it all.  When God “sent” plagues to Egypt was He being “evil”?  No!  Of course not.  We all know that Egypt’s sin and ultimately Pharaoh’s disobedience brought the plagues on Egypt.  God gave him many chances to obey.  The case is the same with King Saul.  His disobedience brought God’s judgment on him.  Don’t get caught up in the wording… receive the message.
A big area that many Christians (as well as almost all atheists) get trapped in is the paradigm that God and Satan are opposites.  Good and Evil are opposites, etc.  That is the biggest lie from h…

Starka's (Grandma's) Painting

I am driving home (well my wife is driving right now) from New Jersey for our annual Christmas trip to spend time with our parents. This year was especially nostalgic due to the fact that this year is most likely the last year my family will be spending Christmas in New Jersey at our home of some 34 years on Whitmore Ave. Mom and Dad will finally be joining my oldest brother and I along with my mother's older sister and brother in North Carolina. I have many fond memories but am really looking forward to having most of my family near home.

As I have many times recently, while talking with my parents, we started to talk about the old days and about the absolutely amazing stories of my family's migration to the United States from the former Yugoslavia. This time around my brother was going through the attic at my parent's house to make sure nothing of sentimental value was thrown away during the upcoming move. He came across a painting that I recognized from when it was hang…

Some Gave All

I am inspired on Veterans Day by those who have given their lives to protect and preserve the freedoms and privileges we enjoy in this great nation.  As citizens of the greatest nation… the greatest society this world has ever seen, we cannot get away from the fact that there was a price that had to be paid for what you and I enjoy today.

The freedom for each one of you to come to your churches and worship without fear of punishment or persecution from a government or opposing sect is really a great thing.  The fact that we can crank up the volume in our worship services and sing our guts out… shout to our great God… is an amazing privilege.

But the fact is, there was a price… Some Gave It All… so that you and I can enjoy God’s blessings. I honor not only the veterans of our great country's militaries but also the veterans of our faith.

Those who sacrificed their lives for no earthly kingdom but for The Kingdom of God. There are countless “veterans of the cross” who gave up everyt…