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American Idol(atry)

Great read on what I feel is a great hurdle commonly overlooked by today's "churched" culture. The article can be found under the "Freebies" link on

"American Idol(atry)" by Royce Wilson Rest assured that the very least of my worries, presenting a title such as this, is taking to task reality entertainment. My deepest concern actually revolves around reality itself and the hopes and fears revealed by this reflection of current culture. Ty Burr in Entertainment Weekly recently referred to America as "...a culture built on celebrity worship." He goes on to say, "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness means getting discovered at Schwab's, or writing a best-seller, or becoming the next American Idol." The begging, pleading and profuse weeping of rejected contestants has very little entertainment value the moment one realizes how much emphasis has been placed on needing this type of validation…