What if everybody's salary was public information?

10:30 PM at 10:30 PM

I've been thinking a lot about transparency lately. I suppose in general I feel like the more transparency in life that we have in place, the better off things would be. Obviously, this is not the case in every area of our lives but I do feel in general transparency is a much needed change agent in our culture.
Just think with me about the impact this would have in our society. Transparency in our relationships. Transparency in our governments. Transparency in corporations.
The one area that I am most curious about your feedback is the following: how do you think it would affect society in general if everyone's salary was public information?

$50 Amazon.com Gift Card For Starting a Nextdoor.com Neighborhood Site

3:14 PM at 3:14 PM

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You have three ways to invite neighbors; (1) you can email invitations if you have email addresses for some / all of your neighbors, (2) you can print out posters to post in your neighborhood with a referral code or (3) you can have Nextdoor.com mail out postcards directly to the homes you choose.  You can do 100 postcards each month for free!

It's really easy to get a site started.  You need to get at least 10 members to join in 21 days or less in order to quality for the $50 Amazon gift card.  With all the tools, it is very easy to do.  Once you have your site launched, invite your friends (outside your neighborhood) to create a site for their own neighborhood an if they successfully launch their site, you will get another $50 Amazon gift card as well as them for launching their site!

Growth Killers: Complacency

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