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MLM And "Direct Sales" Truths

Recently I have been approached by an unusually high number of friends and acquaintances giving me "the pitch" on a new MLM scam... uh I mean Scheme (Freudian Slip).  This is to be expected I supposed in our current economic state.  Unemployment is at recent highs and even those who are gainfully employed are facing financial difficulties as a spouse may be unemployed or at the least haven't seen an increase in income in many years.

I try to be a good steward of the resources I feel that God has given me.  In my core value system, I feel the need to take great steps in research, and prayer prior to making a significant decision that will impact the finances of my family.  I must admit, that I always have been HIGHLY skeptical of all pyramid schemes and MLM "opportunities".  With the recent influx of solicitations, I decided to share some great resources with the few who will read this blog.

My first gut check reaction comes from the very basic laws of the unive…