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A Priest and An Atheist

A while back in southern England, near Hove in East Sussex, across the Channel from Dieppe, an old priest sat on a bench looking across the rocky shoreline towards the rising sun. Said priest was enjoying the beauty of God's creation when a young man rode by on a skateboard. He stopped in front of the priest and said

"Hey old man, you a priest?"

"Did the collar and the black coat give me away?" chuckled the old man.

"Yeah. Why you sittin' there? You sick?" "No, I'm just enjoying God's beautiful creation." "God" slurred the young man, "There ain't no God!"

The priest nodded and said, "Will you be here tomorrow on your skateboard?" "Yup, why?" "I want to bring something to show you". "Cool. Later pops" and off he rode.

The next day the priest was on the bench when the young man rode up. The priest patted the bench beside himself and the young man took a seat. After he took …