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Social Media and The World

How are you using Social Networks and Media to change the way you do business?  Whether you run a small business, and non-profit, a church or a multinational corporation, if you are a major part of what this video is talking about, you are missing the boat!

A Priest and An Atheist

A while back in southern England, near Hove in East Sussex, across the Channel from Dieppe, an old priest sat on a bench looking across the rocky shoreline towards the rising sun. Said priest was enjoying the beauty of God's creation when a young man rode by on a skateboard. He stopped in front of the priest and said

"Hey old man, you a priest?"

"Did the collar and the black coat give me away?" chuckled the old man.

"Yeah. Why you sittin' there? You sick?" "No, I'm just enjoying God's beautiful creation." "God" slurred the young man, "There ain't no God!"

The priest nodded and said, "Will you be here tomorrow on your skateboard?" "Yup, why?" "I want to bring something to show you". "Cool. Later pops" and off he rode.

The next day the priest was on the bench when the young man rode up. The priest patted the bench beside himself and the young man took a seat. After he took …

Pastor Harold Linder's New Blog

Just wanted to share with my readers a great new blog. Being a part of the team at Heavenview UPC (a great Winston Salem Church!), I initiated an e-Evangelism effort for the pastoral staff. The hope is to begin to build a strong internet presence utilizing social media, blogging and our core website to be the dominate voice in the Winston Salem region for Biblical truth.

One of the first efforts was to ask our Senior Pastor, Harold Linder to lead us by starting a blog. The purpose of this blog would be to expand his ministry and spiritual voice outside the realm of the pulpit and into the e-Evangelism space. I am absolutely thrilled and inspired at the results! Pastor Harold Linder has embraced this effort with some of the best spiritual blogging I have seen to date!

Take a moment to visit to see the rich, deep and powerful blogging from this anointed man of God! Be sure to subscribe to get automatic updates to keep you in tune with the message of hope for Winston…