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New Facilities Launch

Wow!  If you were to try to pull me aside a year ago and try to get me to understand just how much goes into starting a new church facility, I would have never been able to even begin to understand the magnitude of that task!Sunday was our first official service in the new facilities of Heavenview UPC ( and I can honestly say that I have a new perspective on the infrastructure involved in a successful, modern-day church.  The technology laundry list alone required to be just "on-par" with what is expected in a "good" church is massive!  High-power projectors, multi-media display systems, Easy Worship, IR Repeaters, remote switching, sound systems (as if that wasn't over-simplifying it enough!), office systems, phone PBX systems, office computer systems, network printers, data networks, video capture and broadcast systems, fire/security… [Deep breath]!I must admit, it is tough for me to pace myself.  I want every…