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A Revival of the Miraculous?

I've long prayed about a new level of God's supernatural power to be manifested in both my ministry and mostly in the Church at large. You might say, it has been my focus of prayer and my passion when I am spending deep time with God.

I grew up listening to the amazing missionary stories from my uncle, Prince Mathiasz. Accounts of demons being cast out in crazy fashion, divine intervention at the edge of life... the list goes on and on. You could even say that these times shaped my Christian life and walk with God.

In my mind I was determined to experience what I was hearing about.

If this was for real I needed to be a part of it.

As the years progressed and I became more formally involved in the ministry, the quest of miracles, signs and wonders became more and more prevalent in my life. I would attend conferences where this seemed to be the topic of focus, I would delve into this subject in great depths in my Biblical studies, sermons, teachings and through prophecies.

It was…